Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You make my list

Don't you really love it when one of your all-time favourite songs comes on the radio? Driving into town this morning I was blessed with this playing over the airwaves... and even though I don't have a 'Top-whatever List' - because that would be impossible - I'm happy to say that Too Young, you would definitely be in that list were there one. One of the best pop songs ever? I don't know, but pretty close!

Friday, May 14, 2010


I'm in the midst of re-reading this novel... probably for the 4th or 5th time?? I first read it in my late teens. It was the second Paullina Simons novel I read, after Red Leaves I think. I didn't put it down for a week, it's one of those books. The only thing that's probably ever come close is The Bronze Horseman, also by Paullina. I've never really been a romancey/novel kind of girl, I usually read biographies and non fiction, and when I was younger alot of crime. But Tully captivated me. And, to explain why I'm re-reading her now (her because she is indeed real, and a person), I find that I find Tully again whenever I need some sort of inner guidance for my life.. it's hard to articulate but the things that happen in this novel somehow give me better clarity on my own love life, and it sounds very silly but I am already feeling better after reading for a week now, although I am almost finished the book and a little anxious of what I'll do afterwards (re-read Bronze Horseman?? haha). I also find it extremely comforting to have such a distraction from the turbulence inside my own head, and losing myself in the life of Tully Makker is welcomed. So even though it's a pretty screwed up story, and Tully at times is not a very sympathetic character, this novel has had a positive effect on my life. I see alot of Robin in my Andrew. And I just had to write about this because I find it utterly romantic and just a little bit extraordinary.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


All I have to show for the past 2 weeks away from blogging are bad photobooth shots and an internal struggle which has almost turned my life upside down. I thought I'd already had my quarter life crisis... !

I think I'll post more later... off to the beach!