Thursday, March 31, 2011

Born in the USA

Argh we have no download left on our internet for this month!
So not a big post from me... I just wanted to ask if there's anyone out there who knows a good app to download onto the iPhone for blogger??

This week feels like we may be digging ourselves out of the hole we are in a little bit, with money. It tears at my soul to know I'm not living the lifestyle I wish to live, where money isn't important and life is somewhat simplified. Unfortunately, after building our first home in a 'boom' area of australia, now faced with a housing market crash, two part-time working part-time studying incomes, we just can't make that mortgage repayment each month. When we decided to buy the land and build a house it was like a dream come true... no more renting with 2 dogs and 2 cats.. hiding the cats everytime we had an inspection, and I dwelled on that indescribable feeling of owning some of the earth, somewhere to finally call our own.. somewhere we could get chooks, build a vege patch, have a baby and build a life together. In my head I was like Scarlet O'Hara when she goes back to Tara in the Civil War.. holding the dirt in my hands... ha ha.

But it ain't all what I thought it would be, and it may just be that we chose the wrong place. I would love to be able to sell, move down south where things are cheaper, buy a little 1950's house and live in a small little town, hopefully by the end of the year we can do this. Right now, it's knuckling down and selling off assets, including my little car that I won last year, which sold this week. So that's why we are digging ourselves out. So it's good right?

Consequently the circumstances of late have found me listening to loads and loads of the Boss, the ol' Brucie baby. Moreso than usual, which is alot with us anyway. I think alot of people miss the point with Springsteen, they think it's all stadium rock and tight jeans. His jeans do look great on, but he has albums and albums of melancholy suburbia, of hardship and feeling beaten down. Of workin for the man you know? I'm feelin it. One of my favourite albums is Nebraska, a dark affair. Recently we saw Justin Townes Earle again at a little venue up here on the coast, and he played "some of his favourite" songs in the encore, including Racing In The Street.. which may have also ignited this Springsteen phase..

$4 chairs for my front deck to replace the ones that were stolen when we moved in. Aren't they just the cutest?

Oh and I almost forgot, my 27th birthday present... my banjo tattoo!

The weekend we spent lying low, as we so often do nowadays. Saturday night was a 21st birthday party of a friend from uni, the dress code avant-garde with a splash of red/purple. Nikki had a selection of her childhood toys out on display and I found myself playing with this for ages.. a little wooden dress me girl, you lift the top up and just put whatever material you want underneath... so much fun!

My outfit for the party, it was a bit last minute but I think it worked!
Finally got to wear my $5 thrifted fascinator

Friday, March 25, 2011

Long time no see

Wow, I didn't realise I'd been away this long. I guess I haven't really, I've still been reading everyone else's blogs... just finding it very extremely hard to find the time to post anything of my own... thanks to chronic illness, working too much, partying a bit too much last year, and my degree... my arch nemesis. Alot has happened in the past year, I've tried to sum it up with a photo collection.. but not really... lots of tears, lots of laughter too, sickness, health, lost friends, gained friends, my parents have moved away, I visited melbourne finally!, dear friends got married, dear friends had babies, I spent xmas apart from my beloved, I started a new job, we went to loads and loads of gigs and a few festivals, I dyed my hair alot, I cut my hair! I celebrated my 27th birthday... we've certainly had our ups and downs and it still ain't over yet... how's everyone else? If you're still reading and see this please write me a comment cos I'd love to say hi xx