Thursday, March 25, 2010

So this is the start of my blog, the first blog I've had since the old Livejournal days.. what fabulous days they were!
I'm really inspired by a few amazing ladies who have no idea who I am but I've been transfixed on their blogs for the past few days... and and so thankyou!

On tuesday night we went to Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros at the Hi-Fi in West End. We were tired, but they were awesome. Much more than I expected, the audience adored them though so it all came together in a wonderful spectacular warm and fuzzy hippie love hug - and alex. I've been thrifting quite regularly lately, after a long dry spell - outfit was some of newly acquired things plus some old things.. so yeah, hi

Top: thrifted from Caboolture, Skirt: old thrift (can't remember where)

Shoes: $2 thrifted awesomeness =)

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