Saturday, March 27, 2010

Toot Toot

This afternoon was spent on the Mary Valley Rattler Steam Train, and it was a gorgeous afternoon. We had a carriage to ourselves pretty much the whole way, stopped off at a few little old stations, and had a packed lunch on the grass. The weather was amazing, one of my favourite times of year, and so glad to see the rain gone for a bit (I know it's good but was starting to feel like I was drowning). Our carriage was a 1st class carriage originally built in 1923. I had a nice time. Gympie is much prettier than I expected. Outfit is completely newly thrifted.
What else did everyone get up to today?


  1. So lovely! Riding through gorgeous countryside on a steam train... doesn't get much more romantic than that now does it?!

    Glad to meet you, thanks for your sweet comment. It's always fun to hear that I'm inspiring someone out there.

    Happy thrifting!
    Don't skip too many classes though ;)

  2. wow looks like so much fun. did you get to explore gympie much? xx