Sunday, April 18, 2010

My friends, how desperately do we need to be loved and to love - Chief Dan George

It has been a long week.

I have watched my closest Aunty, my dad's sister, lose her man, the love of her life. I have devoted myself to her this week, as I could do nothing else, and still it doesn't ease her pain. Her partner was killed on his motorbike, on a social ride on Sunday morning, with a close group of friends they call 'the church' because of their sunday morning ritual. He was 52. The funeral was friday, and I am exhausted.

Andrew also bought chickens yesterday, so now we have 3 more animals running around. Crazy weekend trying to finish off their house and monitor dog-chicken relations and try to get them settled in. Photos soon :-)

We went to the Brisbane Roller Derby on saturday night, my first one ever, they're trying for a revival of it over here, even though the teams have been competing underground for awhile I think they're trying to bring it back to the mainstream. Photos of that when I get them off Sarah :-)

And.... I handed in my 3000 word breastfeeding assignment, so I'm feeling somewhat relieved.. still I am so so behind, another big one due this week. I'm exhausted. Did I say that already???

Work, last Tuesday?? Getting cold - felt like first proper Autumn day. Newly thrifted vintage wool vest, thrifted white belt, skirt & red stockings - I can't remember

Wednesday - funeral planning in morning and work in afternoon.
Thrifted red dress, Thrifted shoes $3, cat secondhand too haha

Andrew and I at the wake. This dress has seen 2 funerals and a wedding in the past 6 months - and nothing else I don't think


  1. that red dress you thrifted is so beautiful! i'm sorry for your family's loss this week and your quote speaks volumes about the truth behind death. good luck with the chickens and best wishes and kindnesses to your aunt.

  2. So, my reader just decided to show me that you had some new posts up, like 10 of them!

    Gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about your family's loss too, it's heartbreaking to witness someone you love going through that kind of pain :( all you can really do is be there for them and let time do its thing.

    On a happy note though, the red dress is really a beauty, I love the cut-out detailing so much.

  3. So sorry to hear about your aunt’s partner. Loosing someone is never easy but when it comes out of the blue like that, well, words can’t describe.

    My folks (in Nowra) just got some chickens too! I am looking forward to fresh google berries when I visit in a few months. Yaaay!

    ps I am indeed from the South Coast! I grew up in Milton and then Nowra but I was born in... Kiama! A little part of my soul stays in those parts and I only feel whole again when I make it back there...

    pps love the vest and esp. love the red dress.

    ppps here’s to hoping that next time you wear your dress it’s for a wedding or a christening or a party with pink champagne!