Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh blog. Having a not-so-great week. So not much to say that I'd like to put out there if you know what I mean? BUT did make Anzac biccies for work yesterday, I just wish I had a photo of my 1940's inspired outfit and new Clarins vintage red lippie. Pity had no time to pin curl hair. Maybe for tomorrow instead? Chooks are settling in okay. Only one named so far - 'Spitfire' Pretty self explanatory haha. Their day pen is almost finished - photos soon.

P.s. Lovin all the blogs I'm following - like a godsend!
So thankyou girls

New boyfriend jeans + mambo tshirt. Old thrifted scarf + "sylvia" necklace


  1. :( Sorry about your not so great week. Hope the sun starts shining beginning today! Love the boyfriend jeans- they're the best. And, I so agree with you, when there's a lull in life, blog browsing can lift your spirits and give you fresh inspiration! I'm grateful!!! Happy Saturday!

  2. that shirt RULES. i hope things pick up soon for you. and good luck with spitfire, i love a little mischief maker!

  3. Oooh! What are ya'll building?