Monday, April 5, 2010

There's no 'i' in byron bay

Hey everyone - I'm back. Had a really nice time down south for the weekend, and much fun at BluesFest. Highlights were Dr John, Matisyahu, Swell Season and of course.. Avett Brothers, the very darlings that we made the trek for. Amazing! Their first time in Aus, audience were very receptive which was nice. We met them afterwards for CD signing, picked up the new album.
God I sound like such a bandwhore, but it is nothing like the old days - it was the boy that was loitering around umming and ahhing about whether or not to wait for the signing. He cracks me up sometimes. Me on the otherhand, I was in the midst of a total food orgasm the whole weekend - starting with all the vego food stalls at the festival, and then beautiful food at the Byron markets on Sunday morning. The climax was probably one of my all-time favourite byron bay foods - organic donuts. I had a blackberry filled one at the festival - photos tell more of the story. This post seems to look more of a food blog than anything else - apologies if you're not really than interested about what I shoved down my throat this weekend hehee.
We stayed in my beautiful friend Emma & Bio's place while they're in thailand - I haven't seen Em for a few months and it was so nice to sleep in her room and walk around touching all her clothes and seeing all her belongings - gave me the sweetest warm & fuzzy feelings - I miss her! So all in all, a wonderful weekend, good time with the boy, and today was spent picking up the cat girls from the cattery and spending my birthday bunnings voucher on a heap of native plants and planting the veggie patch for winter. Subsequently - I'm buggered, time for bed and work tomorrow. Much love,

Byron Markets - Chocolate coated MANGO ON A STICK. Yes that's right. It was friggin awesome.

The boy and I eating lunch at Blues festival

My bluesfest outfit (that dress again)

My bluesfest outfit: Dress & Belt - Thrifted from Caboolture Op Shop, Black granny boots - Etsy

I really like the timing of the 3 girls in this pic that andrew took

Organic donut love!!!

At this stage the blackberry filling had exploded all over me, it's dripping down my dress and my face and cheeks are covered in cinnamon sugar and blackberry jam - but you can't really see. I know you desperately want to believe me!

Seth Avett yay

Avett Brothers

Waiting for the bucketing down rain to ease so we can make a move
Headband - borrowed, Wool jumper - thrifted

Emma & Bio's lovely Bob Marley filled bedroom

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  1. Sounds like an awesome time and oh what I wouldn't do for one of those doughnuts right now. I am a HUGE doughnut fan.

    I love the floral dress too :)