Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yesterday's work outfit (very average)

Headband - borrowed
Cardigan - old thrifted
Stripe top - old thrifted
Jeans - Lucky Brand USA
Little apple broach - recently thrifted from Cooroy

And today's not-so-great effort at aproning up my wardrobe (in my defense I could only find 1 apron unpacked and was having a fat day so I needed that long skirt, and it's still HOT)

I just wanted to show that I did keep to my word!


  1. cute apron! i have quite a collection myself.

    you had asked about my camera- it's just a cannon powershot. photoshop is what gives my photos a vintage-y feel. i think i have more fun editing them than actually taking them :D

  2. lovely attire!

    Thank you also for your sweet comment on my blog! Its so nice to find like-minded souls scattered all about the world :) The farmer's wife blog has really got to be updated, terrible me!

    looking forward to more posts :)

  3. cute apron indeed! i just bought that same vintage apple brooch only in blue on eBay. thanks for following my blog, btw.